Arkansas Dept. of Labor

Dept. of Labor
Overview of Amusement Ride Regulation
Regulation Type: 
Government officials inspect rides and investigate accidents
Inspection Program: 

Permanent rides, go-karts, climbing walls and inflatables are inspected by state officials twice a year. Portable rides are inspected at every setup.

Investigative Authority: 

Accidents are investigated by Arkansas Dept. of Labor.

Reporting Criteria: 

Mechanical, electrical, or structural defects directly affecting patron safety for which the ride is closed to patron use for more than 3 hours must be reported to the state within 24 hours. Accidents involving death or serious injury requiring immediate in-patient hospitalization must be reported within 4 hours.

Patron Responsibility Law: 

Yes, through reference to ASTM F770.

Date of last update: 
September 16, 2008