Kentucky Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture
Overview of Amusement Ride Regulation
Regulation Type: 
Government officials inspect rides and investigate accidents
Inspection Program: 

State officials inspect rides annually. Ride machinery and maintenance program must meet manufacturer's specifications. Operators must be competent to perform the task to which they are assigned.

Investigative Authority: 

State inspectors are authorized to investigate serious accidents.

Reporting Criteria: 

A written report shall be filed by the owner of an amusement ride or amusement attraction if one (1) of the following occurs as a result of an accident or incident involving an amusement ride or amusement attraction, equipment, or operating site:

(1) The death of a person;

(2) An injury requiring medical treatment;

(3) An injury to a person not receiving medical treatment;

(4) The involvement of a person requiring the intervention of emergency response or rescue personnel;

(5) Damage to property; or

(6) Structural or major mechanical failure of an amusement ride or amusement attraction.

Date of last update: 
September 16, 2008