Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Unless otherwise indicated, "devices covered" includes mechanical rides at amusement parks, carnivals and fairs.
Devices Covered: 

Includes inflatables. Excludes bungee jumping (prohibited by law in MD).

Inspection Program: 

Amusement park rides and water slides are required to be inspected annually but are inspected several times throughout the year. Carnival rides must be inspected each time they are moved. Inflatables must be inspected annually, but the state attempts to inspect them at each setup as manpower allows.

Investigative Authority: 

State has authority to investigate accidents.

Reporting Criteria: 

Injuries that occur during use of amusement attractions other than injuries that (1) are minor, (2) require only first-aid, (3) do not involve medical treatment or loss of consciousness.

Date of last update: 
April 8, 2017