New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Dept.

New Mexico
Regulation and Licensing Dept.
Unless otherwise indicated, "devices covered" includes mechanical rides at amusement parks, carnivals and fairs.
Devices Covered: 

Includes mechanical and aquatic amusement devices; bungee jump. Excludes playground equipment, small events consisting of fewer than six kiddie rides; and non-profits that own and operate a ride for <= 10 days per year.

Inspection Program: 

Owner/operator must obtain inspection annually by a NAARSO Level I, II or III inspector.

Investigative Authority: 


Reporting Criteria: 


Special Conditions: 

Small promotional events or operations consisting of fewer than six kiddie rides designed for children twelve years of age or younger are exempt, as are rides owned and operated by a non-profit for <= 10 days per year.

Date of last update: 
April 9, 2017