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Rhode Island
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Unless otherwise indicated, "devices covered" includes mechanical rides at amusement parks, carnivals and fairs.
Devices Covered: 

Excludes inflatables, hayrides, animal rides, and walk-through amusement attractions, slides <= 20' tall.

Inspection Program: 

Each ride must have an annual 3rd party inspection by a RI Certified Professional Engineer while the ride is in the down position (disassembled). The state inspects each amusement park ride and kiddie carnival ride (after the ride assembly is completed) at least once a year. Major carnival rides must be inspected by the state at each carnival location.

Investigative Authority: 

State officials are authorized to investigate serious accidents.

Reporting Criteria: 

State law requires reporting of any injury resulting in overnight hospitalization for treatment or observation.

Date of last update: 
April 9, 2017