Paperwork for Second Hand Rides

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04/18/2017 - 09:42

Paperwork to check when buying a second hand ride
Before you find ‘the one’, you’ll probably spend hours comparing and researching different rides until the breakthrough moment when you find the ride you want to buy.
But before you part with hard-earned cash, be sure to check the following paperwork is in order.
Pre-use inspection reports
Pre-use inspection reports, also known as Design Review, Assessment of conformity to design and initial test (or a Maturity Risk Assessment for rides operating in GB prior to October 1997) provide details that the ride was declared safe for use before it was open to the public for the first time.    These reports should be kept with the ride throughout its lifecycle and checked during inspection each year.  They may also give details of additional maintenance requirements to those supplied by the manufacturer. Without these reports it could be the case that the ride can not be registered without some or all of this work being carried out again at considerable cost to you.  Check that the ride matches the description on the reports and they are for the ride and model you are buying.  If there is a manufacturer’s serial number on the reports check that this matches the plaque on the ride.
Declaration of Operational  Compliance (DOC)
Every operating ride must be inspected and have a valid DOC. Check that the ride you are buying matches the description on the DOC. Check that the reports listed on the DOC are in place and check these for any defects or advisory notes left by the inspectors. These may be problems that wouldn’t have prevented a ride getting a DOC, but need to be rectified at the earliest possible time.
Remember a DOC only guarantees that the ride was safe to operate at the time of the inspection. It is the responsibility of the operator to operate and maintain it properly between inspections. If the DOC is due to expire you can ask a seller to get the ride re-tested. You can also check a ride’s DOC status online at
Operations Manual
This is equivalent to a car’s service and full history and helps you to buy a well maintained ride. See what maintenance has been performed and if details of all checks recommended by the manufacturer or in the design review have been done. Often owners who have recorded all maintenance and kept good records have taken good care of the ride and will provide everything your inspector will want to see. Also check if the ride has been modified and if it has check that the reports of pre-use inspection are in place.
Remember to be diligent, seek the help of your inspector if required and that it is the responsibility of the person selling the ride to give you the information to allow you to operate the ride. If information is missing or you suspect it is invalid be up front with the seller as this may only cause you trouble down the line. Ultimately if this information isn’t forthcoming you will have to factor the potential time and cost to put it right and if you have your heart set on buying a ride you can operate immediately, your safest bet may be to walk away.
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